What Makes You Happy?

To start off, here’s a quick description of who I am. I may have been predestined to grin when I was born with red hair nineteen years and some months ago. Plus, there are just too many things that I can’t help but laugh at.

At the moment, or rather for the next three four years, I’m going to grow out from my little cubbie hole in the world by going to the University of Nebraska for a journalism degree. That pretty much defines my life at this point.

I’m a reserved guy and not very much upsets me. In fact I can’t remember the last time I was seriously angry. I don’t see the point in it really. I’m always up for meeting new people, traveling to new places, reading about anything and everything, and trying new things, like blogging. I enjoy interstitial music on public radio shows, vocabulary, chewing my nails, lighting grills, trying to grow beards, trying to sing in harmony with open car door beeps, and reading books.

I’m going to be jotting down what is wonderful in my world in the home page posts, but I’d also like to know what keeps you going. Leave your thoughts below in the handy dandy comment space.

Published on July 7, 2008 at 4:34 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. Well… There are a lot of things that make me happy. The most basic and simple would be a certain set of telephone poles on Highway 2 in Nebraska just east of Alliance. It’s the set that you see right before you go over that last sandhill to see Alliance for the first time (usually after a 6 hour ride in the car from Lincoln). I can always spot those paticular telephone poles because they are a little higher and stick out above the last sandhill just enough. I know exactly where they are but still start looking for them 30 miles before. I know that when I see them that I’m close to being Home.

  2. Mr. Todd,
    I know those same telephone poles you speak off. Like Mike, I’m orginally from the lands of Alliance, Nebraska. I would like to add to things I love about Alliance.

    As of right now, I live in Mitchell, South Dakota, while going to school at Mitchell Technical Institute, working at two radio stations, and running my new venture Krohe Records. During the last year I would drive home once a month to pay a visit to my loved ones, grandparents, parents, brother, and of course the good folks at KCOW radio in Alliance. Mitchell is 6 1/2 hours from A-Town and I remember having the biggest smile of my face and in my heart when I saw the Nebraska State Sign with the motto of Nebraska “THE GOOD LIFE” the first time I can home from South Dakota. It was a sign of a milestone in my life, saying “spread your wings and fly”, well at least in my mind. The sign is about 20 or so miles from Martin, South Dakota or 10 miles from Merriman, Nebraska on highway 83 or if by Merriman 71.
    Another “paint a picture” scene I love in Alliance is on 10th street going east from the inter-secton of Box Butte Avenue to the city Park and Alliance Fountain during the night life when the street lights are on. Growing up I would say to my mom, “It looks like we’re on a roller coaster, those lights are cool”. It might be hard for you to picture this, but you’ll know what I mean if you see it.

    Thanks for your time and web space Mike,


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