Sam and Nina Plan a Heist

SAM: Is there nothing in yellow?
In white, my eyes will not sparkle
I think a saffron
Would be my best plan of action
For stealing Jacksons

Did you find us some vodka?
And a copy of La Strada?
We’ll mix the cosmos
Learn to live with Gelsomina
Then the big show
Will start to roll

Every step of getting prepared
Must be shared among all members
If we want this heist to pan out
Listen up and please remember

The color of ski masks
The contents of our flasks
The film I dare to ask
You to try to obtain
All factor in the raid
There’s no way we can trade
My scheme for anything
So please work with me, Nina babe

NINA: Is that all it entails?
Well then, I command you fail
This is a stick-up
And you won’t look like a pinup
Maybe I messed up

Had I looked any harder
For the balls before the partner
Or put in the listing
“Please no fairies will be helping
With this thieving
My apologies”

Every color swatch you render
Puts a chip into your gender
Soon all chauvinistic natures
Will suffer a final fracture

Sam, you’ve got it all wrong
Take a hit off my bong
Breathe it in till it’s gone
All your elitist shit
If you want to be mine
When we commit this crime
You’ll have to unwind
And stop being so feminine

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