Everything is closer than it appears

For some reason, the city of Lincoln decided 25th Street needed to be swerving-room only. At least, that’s the way I see it.

On Thursday, I experienced some twist of fate having to scooch a skitch to the right on my drive to work as an oncoming car pushed me to the side of the street and got me in contact with another car’s mirror. According to the laws of physics, this Subaru’s mirror took two scratches, both about an inch long, and mine got blown to kingdom come. Such is life.

The lousy thing about it, though, is that I had just last Sunday driven my mom’s Montego to North Platte to meet her and my Fusion and bring my newly repaired car back to Lincoln. What did it have fixed? Oh, just a right side mirror.

So that mirror lived a glorious four-day life under my watch, then met its demise quickly and hopefully without too much pain. I’ve accepted it all with a grain of salt and have come to the conclusion that a couple mirror blowups were predestined in the plan set out for me in the beginning. It’s nothing to be upset about.

And that’s the idea I try to carry over into everything I do. It’s not that I want to live a passive life, knowing that it will all come to my doorstep on its own. No, I just tell myself that life will throw you a couple curve balls now and then. All you should do is throw that bat out there and try to connect. Having my mirror connect with another wasn’t exactly what I would have had in mind, but what’s done is done.

Now it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I think I’ll go for a drive.

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