Worker Bee

Here’s an update on the resolutions. Like the rest of America, at least one has fallen through: running three miles a week.

Today, on my first trip to class, I about beat my heart to an untimely demise biking from the 17th and R Parking Garage to Bessey Hall, a trek that shouldn’t give rise to fears of keeling over. This says two things. One, my muscles are silly putty, and two, as shown tonight in my first copy editing shift, not nearly as efficient at copy(edit)ing newspaper.

But there’s hope yet, as always. I’ll ratchet up my homemade meals to five a week to counteract the lack of running and start out slow but sure at a mile this week.

If you’ve made it here, congratulations. Although I write this for myself, you can now pat yourself on the back for sharing in the minutia of my life.

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