Nibbling Away at the New Year

(Hopefully) we’re all still on the wagon of new year’s resolutions, so I’ll make my way up to the front of the cab to make this announcement–It’s easier than you think! In no time you’ll be patting yourself on the back. Good luck and Godspeed on your own pathways to success.

In order to have my own resolutions cause tantrums any time I’m about to make my exit off the wagon, I’m going to post them here. If I slip up at all, I’ll be honest and write about whatever I didn’t achieve.

First… I will read the Bible this year. This evening, I started off on the right foot and am following the guidelines of the journal I got from my mom for Christmas. It’s a release to let everything I am thinking flow out onto the page in response to what I just read, without having to send those thoughts past the tiny standards-checking men in my mind. You know you have them too.

Second… I will make three lunches a week. A football game wedged itself into lunchtime today, so I’m already making excuses, but I haven’t doubled back on my resolution. In addition, I’d like to try out some recipes more conducive to dinner meals from time to time, but I won’t judge myself on those.

Third… I will run three miles a week. At this point that’s on the order of “a heck of a lot of work”, but in due time I’ll be Forrest Gump-ing it. If it starts getting too easy, I’ll pump up the volume.

So there you have it. If you want a soundboard to voice your resolutions, do so in the comments. It’ll help, guaranteed.

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