Hope for Happiness

Just as I closed my eyes tonight and started to fall asleep, a thought came from out of the blue that made me smile. I imagined my life being a piano hung over the Earth and being pulled up into Heaven.

At first, I saw sparkling gold wire wrapped around my red baby grand, leading vertically to a mechanical pulley system overseen by a group of like-minded, former dock-working angels. Slow and steady, without any slip-ups.

But, after some fact-checking, I know that it is instead a worn rope, and each time I miss an opportunity set out for me to do good, a strand of that rope snaps. By now, the whole thing should have come crashing down. But instead, the tenuous connector between God and I happens to be my Savior.

You too are likely waiting for the day when you can be an instrument, perfectly in tune, for whatever you believe in. My faith has been established through the kaleidoscope of my upbringing, with every influence I’ve ever had in the mix. You likely see it in a completely different way, but no matter what your view is, you should know that there is hope for happiness through doing good. You’ll get a smile out of it, guaranteed.

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