It’s a Hard Knock Life

Traipsing deliberately across the kitchen floor, in clever pursuit of his soon-to-be helpless victim, Wally was at the top of his game. This wasn’t his first rodeo, and it showed with each carefully placed step. One after another after another. Tendons taut and muscles electrified, he was ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. There was a sly grin all across his face.

The seconds pitter-pattered by, each more heart-wrenching than the last. A single bead of sweat from his brow leapt and crashed to the ground, startling poor Wally, but thankfully the wire wasn’t tripped, for the tiny insect being chased made no sudden moves. At last, when he was within inches, Wally set his final footfall down, but when his weight shifted, a creee-eak! shot down the wooden floor and spooked the spider into dashing underneath the oven for cover. Right then and there Wally fell apart. The failed attempt at snagging himself a new friend–after all, that’s all he wanted from the spider: friendship–crushed him.

He morosely clunked his way over to the couch, climbed in, and turned on the TV to numb his disappointment. An episode of Wheel of Fortune was about halfway through, and although he was three consonants and a vowel ahead of the contestant in solving the puzzle, it didn’t bring his spirits up any. Bingo was in an hour, and all he had to do up until then was run-through how he could have succeeded. Somedays just aren’t yours at all.

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