Apple Cider and Warm Slippers

Halloween is knocking at the door and Christmas isn’t far behind, and with the holidays comes Jack Frost, our most beloved friend here in the Midwest. While some cities may be hurting for salt, Lincoln, or at least this small square in the middle of it owned and operated by the University, is pretty speedy about clearing the snow.

I haven’t been a huge proponent of the freezin’ season, but my opinion has begun to swing toward the “Let’s sing carols and make snow angels” side, away from the “Bah humbug, get your stinkin’ spirit outta town” side. I think it’s mostly because of a couple things I like to call apple cider and warm slippers. I’ll give you all the right to use those terms, by the way.

Perhaps it’s that the relief from the frigid environs is amplified when that steaming hot goodness slides down your throat and your toesies are as toasty as can be. Perhaps it’s the genuinely happier folks you see pop up, in larger and larger numbers every day.

Either way, I’m looking forward to winter this year. Your thoughts?

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