Gunk Patrol

Writing that title made me think of the stellar photo the Alliance Times-Herald had in today’s paper. No joke, it was of a police officer tasering the volunteer fire department chief, and boy, does the cop have a determined look on his face! Of course, it was just for a demonstration at some meeting, but I had to laugh at that one.

*Here is where I would write something potentially career-hindering, how our local newspaper is less than… see I just about did it there in the sentence that’s supposed to be the curtain that covered my “true thoughts” sentence. I need a lesson in keeping my keys silent.*

Anyway, another kind of patrol has started doing sweeps of the house in the past couple weeks. We’re on the move to a new house, and I’m moving into my dorm tomorrow in Lincoln. So what once was an abode full to the brim of this and that, is almost an echo chamber now, naked and plain.

While digging through things that I never knew I had, I came upon a box of school stuff from kindergarten and 1st grade. I was overjoyed reading through the stories I wrote back then about purple chicken-poxed guys who lived in clams and badminton playing butterflies. The sentimental value on these keepsakes is through the roof, which, by the way I hope and pray to God doesn’t need replaced, because this house needs to be sold.

Among other pictures of dinosaurs and three-pointed paper hats I found a couple newspaper clippings that were my favorite finds. It could have either been a slow news day or simply a couple of off-the-charts cute kids. Considering the illustrious paper we have here, it was most likely that my friends, J.R., Cory, and I were the types who drew crowds from all around, in utter disbelief of our ingenuity.

Take a look for yourself.

Sorry, but you’ll have to tip your head for this one.

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  1. I remember these newspaper articles as if they happened yesterday! You were (and are) sooooooooooo cute! By the way — I am very proud of you! you’ve come a long way with your imagination and viewpoint….since the exaggeration of the actual length of worms. Oh – I was helping Dick mark the marching band practice field and just about stepped on an 18 foot snake (well- it seemed like 18 foot) It scared the bigeebees out of me. Since when do they let snakes on the practice field anyway?

    And I think I need to remind you to send me any new music that you have created—

    Keep up the great blogging and thanks for letting me in on this. May you have a splendid semester at good ole nebraska u….. because there is no place like NE….


    p.s. I sent brownies with peanut butter chips and I hope they actually got to you.. now who is the best aunt in the whole wide world?

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