Love at First Listen

I’ve always thought that, in the battle among talk show hosts, Conan reigns supreme. He can be overbearing at times and his gags are sometimes way too silly: that’s saying a lot from someone whose off the wall humor often falls on deaf ears, and for good reason.

What I do like about him is his red hair, first and foremost. Seems everyone knows about the impending extinction of bananas and bees, but what about a race of humans? Ireland is Europe’s pipsqueak and the sanguine, benevolent, and extremely down to earth strain of people it largely produced on its own* have a small chance of holding up with brunette brutes and blood-thirsty blonds roaming the streets.

So maybe I’m speaking in hyperboles, and *I have no concrete evidence that most redheads originated in Ireland, but… BUT I do think that we deserve more credit than we’re allowed. I see Conan’s promotion, which is just around the bend, as the herald of springtime in Gingerland. We’ll be the new fashion trend, with spokespeople on The View and our lavish locks will become currency. Mark my words.

But this report was not going to be about redheads when I first started typing. I’m just full of myself. Instead, it was going to be about Grizzly Bear, the highly lauded band out of Brooklyn. Like I was beginning to say, Conan usually earns my vote as best man to watch past ten for many reasons, but mainly I like him because he supports up and coming artists. What’s best is that you don’t have to put in those earplugs you got to block out your spouse’s snoring when someone like Madonna sings, because Conan respects his viewers, most of the time, and doesn’t book the lousy ones.

So I was surprised to see when I flipped to CBS that Dave’s keeping it real, too. He displayed the four-piece Grizzly Bear’s latest release, an EP entitled friend and introduced them. Man on fire, they’ve got a new song, and is it wonderful! I felt like I was in music nerd heaven when I caught it live, but when I searched for the Youtube syndication of it, I leapt into uncharted waters, past that heaven.

You may not agree with me on this one. It’s an arguably repetitive song and the members look like they’re on their way to a Bar Mitzvah, but I equate it to a bag of mini-sized Snickers. The first one tastes just as delicious as the last, and the serving size is something entirely ignored until you get that stomach ache and you check to see how much you OD’d. Then you usually laugh and finish off the bag because they’re so damn good.

See for yourself:

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  1. G.Bear’s work must be multi-generational because I loved the song, too. I’m pretty sure I’m old enough to be their mother. Thanks for putting it up on your blog. And yes, I love those little Snickers, too. I refuse to reveal whether or not I’ve eaten a whole bag.

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