I’m a few days late, but here’s the newest indefiniton. I have no clue what this one means, but I’ll put the real meaning at the end so you can say that you learned something today. I think that days gone by without anything learned should be replayed. There are some things that prevent that from happening, like time not being able to reverse, but I’ll dedicate a few minutes every day to trying to invent a time machine.


whippet |ˈ(h)wipit|


1 Indiana Jones had a name for his whip, Gary, and those who wrote the script to all the movies had to choose a more proper prop name for Gary. Being logical, they called it a whippet seeing as Indiana held it like a puppy.

2 Cooks in Brazil use this for a sacred topping on chocolate chip cookies at weddings in honor of the newlyweds’ grandparents.


whippet |ˈ(h)wipit|


a dog of a small slender breed originally produced as a cross between the greyhound and the terrier or spaniel, bred for racing.

ORIGIN early 17th cent.: partly from obsolete whippet [move briskly.]

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