Word to Your Mother

This is the first in a series of posts on these bricks of the English house, if you will. Will you? You will? Good. I’ve always had a place in my heart for words that are neglected, innately weird, or schizophrenic. I love them so much that I try and fit them into the worst spots in conversations with almost 100% failure rate. For example, I know that I don’t make a lot of sense to people when I say, “He is a raconteur and has a penchant for beguilement,” when I really mean, “He tells great stories.”

It can be discouraging when your point doesn’t come across, but when it backs up and heads for a dark closet, “discouraging” doesn’t quite describe the longing for simpler language, the aching for a southern drawl, a bucketload of “reckon’s”, and a wicked mustache to top it off. Sure, I wish I could be less misunderstood, but I think of these words as orphans. Would you have taken in Annie if you had the chance?

So as an offshoot of this, I’m going to give an indefinition of a word or phrase of the week, meaning that it will be straight from the gut. Sometimes I’ll have no idea what it means and only know that it looks cool, and sometimes it’ll be something simple and easy to understand. Either way I’m going to use the tried and true Dr. Foy* method of writing whatever comes out, and will not consult that dictionary. All due respect to Webster (Merriam, you were just a pawn. You couldn’t hold a pencil in your non-writing hand.) but I think words are great fodder… I hate that word… for creativity.

Some of it will be shit, some will be rank farts, and some will be that magical stuff that comes when your recipe is just right. This week’s is going to be pretty short since I have to get up and help frost a couple hundred cookies and because the aforementioned teacher isn’t staring me down with a stopwatch.

A quick note before the word indefinition. I’d like you to write what the word means to you in the comments. I’m really waiting for the flood gates to open, because I know that you’re dying to tell me that I’m saying too much nonsense and need to get to the point faster or that your favorite chocolate from a box of chocolates is the kind with cherry filling inside. Whatever you want to say, please don’t hesitate. Now, umm, how about… a double feature today? Rough hewn.

Rough Hewn

A layer of dust on some cowboy boots that have been sitting in the closet of a long-lost Confederate’s shack somewhere in the middle of Georgia.
A crazy infidel that never had a direction in life.
An accent that speaks louder than the words that are being spoken.

Broken pavement.
Broken hearts.
Broken sentences.

*Soon to be in Merriam and Webster’s Dictionary, 436th Edition, not under any definition but rather paid in homage by coffee stains on the page containing dichotomous.

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